Attachment points & volume

With Klixer you can bring consistency and setting the volume

By weaving the hair, Klixer® creates long-lasting backcombs without the need of any product. In addition, it can be used to attach the hair together without the need of hairpins.

Steps to create a lasting volume with Klixer®

  • Select a lock of hair.
  • Backcomb the base of the lock of hair selected.
  • Keep the lock of hair tight and apply Klixer with circular movements. 
  • Depending on the hair or the amount of volume you want to achieve, select more or less hair using the steps outlined above.

How to create attachment points or areas:

  • Simply focus Klixer® at the desired point.
  • The effects will be greater the longer you keep the Klixer in action.
  • Be cautious, orolonged application can create strong unwanted knots.It is therefore appropriate to apply Klixer® in short periods and check its effects as they work.
  • The Klixer® tip should not be applied directly to the skin or scalp, as this could cause injury.

Natural extensions without staples, rings or adhesives

  • Select the lock of hair to which you will “sew” the extension.
  • Decide how far from the root you are going to join it: we recommend just over one cm to where you want.
  • Apply the Klixer® tip in several lines until the extension is firmly attached to the natural hair.
  • Use Klixer® with caution when you are close to the skin.

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