Klixer® is the first professional device to interweave hair

With Klixer® you can get volume, backcombs, fastening points for your hairdressings and thousands of effects and textures.

You can make  a hairdressing from begining to end working with fully hydrated and clean hair, no need for clips or hairpins to fasten it.

You can also combinbe all techniques and apply clips and products to define a more brilliant finishing.

The choice is yours with Klixer®!

The origin of Klixer®

The Klixer® tool was originally designed as part of a system to speed up the development and settlement of dreadlocks.

The results of this method, which does not use chemical or caking products, are spectacular from the start.

You can see more of our system and results in the Rastas section.


Klixer helps you with the care and maintenance of dreadlocks

A really creative tool

The versatility of the new Klixer® tool goes far beyond its initial purpose.

Klixer® offers a wide range of possibilities to achieve many finishes, becoming an extension for the creativity of hairdressing professionals.

From fastening hair extensions in a natural way to performing the most complex headdresses.

Are you curious? You can see more examples in our Videos section.


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