Natural dreadlocks with Klixer®

5. Extensions

Adding extensions

Klixer® can be used to attach natural or synthetic extensions without needing to use clips, fusion or bonding, blending them into hair seamlessly and indistinguishably. This makes it possible to have hair as long as desired from the start.


The process is as follows:

  1. Buy extensions in the desired colour, length, type, etc. There are plenty of specialist suppliers on the market that are easy to locate.
  2. Form dreadlocks from the hair extensions, following the steps in section “Getting Started”.
  3. Repeat the dreading process in the hair of the person who is to have extensions.
  4. Leave a 5-6 cm section of loose hair at the ends of the dreadlocks on the person’s head and at the start of the extensions.
  5. The loose sections at the end of the dreadlocks and the start of the extension are blended by hand. Any bump can be thinned out by taking hair from the extension.
  6. Compress the join by palm rolling. Any loose hairs should be wrapped around the join.
  7. Tighten up the join using Klixer® as you would on a normal dreadlock.

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