Natural dreadlocks with Klixer®

0. Before Starting

Initial interview and planning

Dreadlocks, especially when they cover the whole head, involve a lot of work and a drastic change in looks and how hair feels. The Klixer® system has been developed to minimise these drawbacks, but before starting it is wise to make sure that the person who wants dreadlocks understands what is involved and is ready to go through with it.

It is important that he or she understands how the characteristics of his or her hair determine how easily dreadlocks will form: dry, curly hair will lock more easily than greasy, straight hair, etc.

In the interview agree on the desired look and on how to go about achieving it. Some questions that should be talked about include:

  • Thick or thin dreadlocks?
  • Rounded or open ends?
  • Longer dreads using extensions?
  • Any beads, ribbons, decoration etc.?

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